E-portfolio Sofia's Dimitriou - Page 5

3. Activities in Greece- During 2013-15 4. Six Italian in Greece- 1st meeting in Athens 24/8-13/9 2014 Date 24/8 SUNDAY 25 MONDAY programme Arrival at the airport , transport in Akrata. Meeting with some Greek seniors . 1.Guide in Akrata. 2.Workshop: walking to the beach- Concerted actions are taken for protecting the environment from human destructive activities .Compare the Italian sea and Korinthiakos gulf. 3.Greek lessons for beginners by volunteer. 26 TUESDAY Visit to village Kalamias and participation in collecting currant . Visiting local olive fields Workshop : Meeting with growers and discuss about currant cultivation and process. 27WednesdayOutdoor activities in Lake TSIVLOU in cooperation with the Environmental Centre of Kleitoria .