E-portfolio Sofia's Dimitriou - Page 11

views on the subject between Greeks and Italians. The day ended with a great dinner at Falchi della Rovere. Excellent morning tour to the city's attractions from Konstantine a member of local civil protection group. Also impressive was the tour at the river MISA by members of the same organization. Very nice tour at CORINALDO (neighboring town) by Pierro Minardi (leader of the organization) In this village are organised various festivals to revive old customs like collective cooking of polenta. In the evening I liked the representation occured by Bruna , to address potential earthquake. I also enjoyed dinner with traditional pizza. The visit to BEVEDERE -village of the same district- was both nice and informative. The village was destroyed by the earthquake of 1997 and was later on reconstructed at its original state. This visit helped us to form an idea of how to deal with similar cases in Greece which is also a seismic country. I enjoyed the walk we had in Fano (neighboring town) and especially the organized beach. There we saw the -unique throughout the region- Orthodox church. The meal offered to us at Elmo’s home was fantastic with traditional products cooked by his wife. During the visit to the Park of Monte Conero I liked the furnishings of the Administration building with recycled materials and exhibits of the museum. It was a pity that we didn’t had a tour in the park and our briefing was concerned only how to tackle fires. On the last day in Senigallia I adored the visit to the coast guard and the tour by the head of the Port Authority. We also met and talked with fishermen . 3rd week in Sant’Angelo in Vado: On the first day we had a warm welcome by residents of the village and the Mayor Settimio Bravi ,who informed us about the city and its activities. The morning of the second day we walked in the forest area Demanio Forestale. We had the chance to watch trufle collection with truffle hounds. The villagers income is based on the product. At noon we tasted traditional food and danced to Italian folklore Ensemble Italian folk dances. It was such a nice day !!! Delightfull tour organised that day by the archaeologist Massimo Guerra the at the ancient city, with its ancient Greek mosaics and also the visit at churches with amazing paintings and statues. I absolutely enjoyed the visit of this day in the city of Urbino. We were guided by Elmo De Angelis to University buildings, the Pallazo Ducale the Teatro Comunale and the Casa di Raffaello. Generally the city which was built during the Middle Ages has got beautiful buildings. We were very lucky to visit the place during the truffle Festival. There were visitors both from Italy and Northern Europe. Members of motor cyclist clubs return every year to the festival giving a modern tone to the city’s streets and the shops big celebration. Also the visit at the Museum of Traditional Occupations was of great value. On the penultimate day in Italy and last in the town of Sant'Angelo we visited the town of Lamoli. Our guide, archaeologist Massimo