E-portfolio Eirini's Bourolia Topouzoglou - Page 9

the at the ancient city, with its ancient Greek mosaics and also the visit at churches with amazing paintings and statues. I absolutely enjoyed the visit of this day in the city of Urbino. We were guided by Elmo De Angelis to University buildings, the Pallazo Ducale the Teatro Comunale and the Casa di Raffaello. Generally the city which was built during the Middle Ages has got beautiful buildings. We were very lucky to visit the place during the truffle Festival. There were visitors both from Italy and Northern Europe. Members of motor cyclist clubs return every year to the festival giving a modern tone to the city’s streets and the shops big celebration. Also the visit at the Museum of Traditional Occupations was of great value. On the penultimate day in Italy and last in the town of Sant'Angelo we visited the town of Lamoli. Our guide, archaeologist Massimo Guerra, was fantastic in total accordance with the church of San Michele and the Museum of colours. Then we had the perfect farewell dinner and we were also granted the project’s fulfillment certificates. 4. "Presentation of SAVIC project in Chaidari- 8.12.2014 "The six seniors , Sofia Dimitriou, Eirini Bourolia-Topouzoglou, Eleni Basta , Konstantinos Kordolemis , Mairi Kordolemi and Apostolos Psarros, presented Savic project in community of Chaidari.