E-portfolio Eirini's Bourolia Topouzoglou - Page 6

Diomidios Garden. Finally after 21 days, a farewell performance with music, singing and dancing at Palataki. An event with great participation, pulse and thrill. Greeks and Italians sang and danced together, practicing brotherhood, proving that there are no borders for people. 3. 6 Greek seniors in Italy 1-21 October 2014 Programme in Italy Date 1/10 Wednesday 2/10 Thursday 3/10 friday 4-10 saturday 5/10 sunday 6/10 monday 7/10 tuesday 8/10 wednesday 9/10 thursday 10/10 friday Agenda of the activities in Italy Arrival - airport of Ancona. Training 2000 will provide transport from Airport to Hotel Gala – 19:00 Afternoon, introduction and meeting with Italian seniors . Introduction of the territory, safety rules and transportation.Dinner with people from the hosting organization. 10:00 Morning -Participation to a public presentation and show in Mondavio about volunteering and folklore 15:00 Afternoon : culture visit to Gabicce Monte and Gradara Castle. 20:00 Dinner at Maria’s Barberini house ( Banca del Tempo). Traditional music with violin and armonian. Morning - - activities with senior volunteers in caring for elders; Lunch in Santa Colomba 17:00 –Afternoon : meeting at room Sala Circoscrizione 5 Torri of Pesaro. Greetings from the president of circoscrizione . Local Show from the Group banca del Tempo of Pantano with renaissance dances . Possible other dance : la pizzica. Dinner – buffet offered by “ banca del tempo” with musical entertainment All the Italian partners on mobility to Greece are invited. 10:00 Morning - CNA organize a visit to the natural park of Pesaro named San Bartolo. Afternoon : free time 20 : 00 dinner at Gradara, Ostaria del Castello. 10.30 Morning : visit to the ceramic museum in Pesaro; visit to the flower festivity in Pesaro; 17:00 Afternoon : Musiculture in Urbino – Theatre Raffaello 10:30 Morning – common activity in managing vegetable gardens. 16:00 Afternoon –guided visit to the city of Pesaro. Transfer to Senigallia apartments – Albergo Bice 15:00 Afternoon – meeting with Bruna at the Albergo Bice. Distribution of the map of the city , transport hours ( buses) . Introduction to the territory, safety rules . 9:00 Morning : guided visit to the historical sites of the city with Konstantin Fiorani. Meeting point - Albergo Bice 15:00 Afternoon : Meeting the volunteers group – Civil protection of Senigallia. Workshop from Bruna : Introduction to volunteering work – forecasting and prevention – emergency plan and intervention plan 19:00 Dinner organized by “ I Falchi della Rovere”. Morning free; 14:30 Afternoon : Workshop – The Misa river in Senigallia - risks and prevention . Participation of Piero Minardi and one expert from the public office of the province of Ancona ( planner Bittoni).The local visit is done with cars. Drivers Bruna , Elmo . 9:00 Morning : visit to Corinaldo with the guide of Piero Minardi (transport by cars) 19:00 Afternoon : H 19.00 Emergency intervention ( simulation of emergency with the