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Hub Motors There is nothing fancy about the motor technology used in most electric bicycles as they are standard DC brushless motors. These motors are built into the hub of the rear or front wheel, the center of the wheel where all the spokes meet. By sending power to the motors the brushes inside the motor are energized in sequence which makes a permanent magnet attached to the wheel spin around and the bike to move. Whether to place the motor on the front or rear wheel depends on what sort of experience you wish the rider to have. Motorizing the front wheel will effectively pull the rider along which can feel strange to begin with. On the other hand motorizing the rear wheel pushes the rider along, which is a much more natural feeling as this is how a traditional bicycle works. An alternative is to place the motor at the crankshaft and this has the effect of spinning the large gear wheel where the pedal cranks attach assisting the rider with the peddling.