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Whatever you decide to go for whether it is a full powered or power assisted bicycle or an electric scooter you will want to buy a good brand from a reputable dealer. Although electric bicycles are low maintenance as they have a DC electric motor and a solid state battery to worry about having a local support and servicing center in your locality is advisable as you don’t want to be shipping the bike or scooter back for warranty repairs. For example in canada there is a company called epic cycles that have an online ecommerce website where you can buy and have shipped free of charge a wide range of electric bicycles, electric scooters and accessories. But importantly they have also a wide dealer network with support and service options available. However, if you are a more DIY type of person they also have extensive FAQ and support service advice on how to perform all the maintenance tasks. This is an example of the type of extensive after sales support and services you should be looking for when buying an electric bicycle or scooter.