DyNAMC Issue 13 August 2016 Military Preview | Page 6

DyNAMC Diversity Unfiltered DyNAMC Leaders for a Changing World Magazines’ premier podcast. We bring you the voices of today’s renowned societal leaders and average folks talking about what they do, how they got there, and what they're thinking about in the controversial world of diversity, inclusion and race relations. Available on ITunes. Subscribe today and catch up on compelling,inspiring and thought provoking interviews with ............. Commissioner Colette Honorable Fiona Citkin Cassidy McMillian Chairman Joe Horton Douglas Phason ¢ Commissioner Colette Honorable with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Bridging the Energy Gap ¢ Chairman Joe Horton Legendary Fighter for Empowering Women in Business ¢ Fiona Citkin a Diversiculturalist who speaks on the American Social Construct ¢ Douglas Phason CPUC Diversity Officer about Diversity Spend: What Are the Numbers Truly Showing Us ¢ Cassidy McMillian a Cutting Edge Filmmaker ¢ Jessica Stern who is at the Global Forefront Advocating for the Prevention of Bullying of LGBTI Advocacy and Human Rights Jessica Stern Read More >>