DyNAMC Issue 13 August 2016 Military Preview | Page 13

bers of the LGBT community living under wraps for fear of possible homophobic retribution. So, the ability and the opportunities are certainly there, and strides have been made. The fight now is to evolve the mindsets of the individuals who make up the core of the armed forces, because that is when the real change occurs.” r e Ai h t that these t n e t er onfid conqu h a poin c I am e will nd reac elf pro l Forc lenges a ety its e mode i chal re soc o be th ity. whe s us t r divers ls Wel claim ssion fo e prof “ ” stantly evolving and there are still a multitude of challenges and opportunities for us to address and explore. As a 27-year Airman, I am confident that the Air Force will conquer these challenges and reach a point where society itself proclaims us to be the model profession for diversity.” CMSGT Danny Wells, USAF Air Force Equal Opportunity Career Field Manager (CFM) and Chief, Equal Opportunity (EO) Operations Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center, Randolph Air Force Base, Texas “I don’t see the military as a model for society, but rather, a reflection of society and those who are willing to place service before self. As an African American male, I can’t think of a more inclusive and diverse organization to be a part of. The U.S. Air Force has done an excellent job in confronting inequities and barriers that impede maximum utilization of diversity or prevent our Airmen from achieving high levels of success. Our culture is con- op e h t ly nd r tain a e ve ity bil are c s ha a e e rid es , th So tuniti d st n r bs po re, a e. co a d -J the n ma e be “ ” Daniel Morales Marine Veteran VP Equity Sales, Drexel Hamilton NYC, New York “I do believe the military is ahead of our society when it comes to diversity. The military made integration mandatory in 1948; well before the civil rights movement was able to get minorities basic civil liberties. I feel the modern military is more diversified than corporate America. It is very common to see people of color in leadership roles in the military. I think that for decades it has been common for minorities to join the military knowing that the culture is more open to diversity. The military in general is solely about results; it is a team oriented and result driven organization.