Unparalleled Design and Craftsmanship With over 50 years experience, the Dune Millwork team has been working hand in hand with designers, architects, builders and homeowners. They appreciate our detailed elegant designs, exceptional craftsmanship, passionate attention to details and the unmatched customer service. Dune Millwork customizes each kitchen, bathroom vanity and furnishing project, catering to the individual taste of each client. Our knowledge, passion and experience fuel the foundation of each unique, top-tier project. Make Your Dreams A Reality The kitchen has long been recognized as the heart of the home. A comfortable place where fami- lies gather to discuss the events of their day, friends unite to celebrate special occasions and chil- dren come to snack after school. Arguably the most important space of your home, the kitchen is where recipes come to life, meals turn into memories and love is inspired. Let Dune Millwork work to create the lavish kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Our services also extend into the bathroom, adding luxury and solace to a room made for unwinding. With Dune Millwork’s conceptual designs and full detail shop drawings, together we can tailor any deluxe bathroom vanity you can imagine. Not to mention, our exotic woods, stone, metal, glass and custom sprayed finishing refine each extraordinary project. Additionally, Dune Millwork’s state of the art facility is designed to pro- vide quality control and efficiency, delivering perfected custom cabinetry and more. 1 3 7 M o n t a u k H i g h w a y, We s t h a m p t o n , N Y 11 9 7 7 - w w w. D u n e M i l l w o r k . c o m 631.325.3929