Drink and Drugs News DDN September 2018 | Page 6

cover story IN A SPIN With the depth of painful personal experience, Owen Baily explains why gambling treatment is still a lottery W ith sweaty hands, deep physical anxiety in my chest and a sense of panic, I committed to placing my last bit of money on the roulette terminal in the casino. With acute anticipation, I watched the ball spin chaotically around the wheel and waited for it to land. It landed, as the ball always eventually does, but not on a number I had placed the bet on. I lost, and I had no more money. Literally. Right there and then, the emotional roller coaster of a journey I had been on for the past two months came to a sudden and abrupt stop and it hurt badly. I was winded. I couldn’t breathe. The panic turned to dread. Starting to comprehend what I had just done and not quite knowing wh