Drink and Drugs News DDN October 2018 | Page 17

Find more on recovery at www.drinkanddrugsnews.com ‘They gave me five days to live, It was my last chance. I tried to do it my way and couldn’t... When I arrived, I wanted to get back out drinking again, but I forced myself to stay there – and I’m glad I did.’ Wayne SmyThe ‘We’re all part of the enterprise’ e’ve been a therapeutic community since May,’ says Penny Williams, Kenward’s chief executive, who only came to the role in May. Before that she was the charity’s director of marketing and communications, so when she began her new job she was excited about developing the social enterprise. ‘Residents become part of the enterprise, developing their confidence, expressing themselves and learning skills,’ she says. For Kenward it means an opportunity to harness talent, to help the organisation to thrive. Creating Kenward Enterprises Ltd as a separate company has given scope to run a business, using all the assets of a beautiful location. They run the café and are expanding their events programme. They have the perfect backdrop for exclusive events and hope to become a dry wedding venue in the near future. ‘W www.drinkanddrugsnews.com ‘We want to develop more activities – classic car rallies, zip wires, woodland walks – and get more animals such as donkeys,’ she says, stretching her arm towards the grounds beyond the alpaca enclosure. She is excited about the business opportunities, which go hand in hand with plans to develop accommodation at the house. As well as a female move-on house, she talks about a homeless project using onsite accommodation and partnering with an organisation in Maidstone, where these clients would receive support. Alongside this she is ‘starting to do partnerships with business’ and is excited about the future. She has had her own journey – coming to Kenward was her ‘starting point’ in recovering from cancer. Now, just as so many of her residents are, she feels full of possibilities. ‘There are so many opportunities here,’ she says, as she takes her leave to investigate the next. ‘We want to develop more activities – classic car rallies, zip wires, woodland walks – and get more animals’ Penny WIllIamS October 2018 | drinkanddrugsnews | 17