Drink and Drugs News DDN March 2020 | Page 20

The Zenalyser® A Breathtaking Solution for Problem Drinkers For clinic, home or workplace monitoring of abstinence, the Zenalyser® measures disulfiram metabolites and/or alcohol in breath giving instant feedback to client, supporters and monitors. Additionally, photographic evidence of client providing the breath sample is collected and automated reminders are sent to clients if required. > Makes sending messages from treating team to client easy > Cumulative graphs/tables for rapid progess review > The perfect solution for high risk/high regulation situations > The perfect solution for alcohol problems in the workplace > Costs £28 per week (at one test per client per day) For further information go to www.zenamed.co.uk MORE JOBS ONLINE NOW www.drinkanddrugsnews.com/jobs Contact [email protected] to advertise your next vacancy e c n e r e f ! n W o O C N N K O D D t places – BO Be a different kind of Nurse, be a Delphi Nurse Las @DelphiMedical DelphiMedical delphi-medical To view our vacancies visit: delphimedical.co.uk