Drink and Drugs News DDN February 2020 - Page 2

Download The Free DrinkCoach App Available on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, our free app features a range of tools proven to help reduce alcohol intake. Search DrinkCoach on Google Play and the App Store. Drink Tracker Build a picture of your drinking over time to highlight unhelpful patterns and motivate a change. Goal Setting and Sharing Make your goals specific, measurable and time based with our goal setting feature. ‘Sober-self’ Reminders: set time or location triggered reminders before you drink, to help you stick to your goals. "DrinkCoach looks simple, but it could be a really important app for people looking to cut down on their alcohol intake. It's a way to track the units and calories that you're drinking, set goals for yourself (and get reminders of them), and watch videos that may help you manage alcohol cravings when they come along." - The Guardian - Top Apps of the Week DrinkCoach is delivered by Humankind Reg charity: 515755 | Ltd company: 1820492 humankindcharity.org.uk @DrinkCoach DrinkCoach www.drinkcoach.org.uk