Drink and Drugs News DDN February 2019 - Page 24

THE BIG CONVERSATION ‘The time has come to examine what service user involvement was supposed to be, what it actually became, and what it should be. It’s essential that we engage.’ Nick Goldstein, writing in DDN, June 2018 What does service user involvement mean to you? Why do we all need it? Can we construct a national network that is relevant for today’s needs? We’ve devoted a main session of The DDN Conference to this vital debate. WE NEED YOUR VOICE The DDN National Service User Involvement Conference Thursday 21 February, 9am-4pm The National Conference Centre (Motorcycle Museum), Birmingham All details and booking at www.drinkanddrugsnews.com Bringing together service user representatives, patient groups, treatment providers, the recovery community and policy makers to create better fairer treatment for all. KEEP ON MOVING