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Promotional feature Finding the detox or rehab that fits the bill Quality is all about making sure services match your clients’ needs, says Turning Point’s regional head of operations, Amanda Lacey It is estimated that since 2013-14 spending on residential detox and rehab has reduced by 14 per cent, while in some areas the budget has been reduced by as much as 58 per cent. Over the course of my career I’ve seen a shift towards spending on community drug and alcohol services away from residential detox and rehab, but for many people residential detox and rehab can play a vital role in their recovery. At Turning Point, we provide residential detox at Smithfield in central Manchester and we have two residential rehab facilities: Stanfield House in Cumbria and Leigh Bank in Oldham. Local authorities have less money to spend on detox and rehab than ever before, which means that when they make a referral they need to feel really confident about the quality of the service the person will receive. The quality of our residential detox services at Smithfield was praised by CQC inspectors following their last visit and Stanfield House, our residential rehab in Cumbria, has just been rated ‘good’ with areas of outstanding practice. Unfortunately, quality is by no means a given in this part of the sector. In 2017, CQC published a review of quality in residential detox facilities; nearly three-quarters were found to be failing in at least one of the fundamental standards of care. Quality isn’t just about clinical guidelines, it’s also about ensuring the service is genuinely accessible and tailored to the individual’s needs in order to maximize their chances of success. This might be about getting a person in quickly. Turning Point are able to offer a detox bed within 21 days, while for our rehabs it can be within a week. It might be about having treatment programmes in place that respond to emerging trends in substance use – at Smithfield we have developed a detox for spice, which is a growing problem in some parts of the country. It might be about purchasing a package of treatment and support that is tailored to a person’s particular circumstances. We have introduced a three- day ‘kickstart detox’ which is good for high- functioning dependent drinkers who are in work and can come in over a weekend and www.drinkanddrugsnews.com ‘At Turning Point we believe that listening to our clients is the key to developing responsive services... With successful completions at 82 per cent last year, I feel like we’ve got this one right.’ then continue the detox in the community. Alternatively this might be a good approach for someone who is suitable for a community detox but is socially isolated and may not have friends and family to keep an eye on them during the first three days, the most high-risk stage of the detox. When there was more money available for residential services, there was still unmet need. People with caring responsibilities, such as those with children, have often been excluded from residential services, so Turning Point has introduced ‘dayhab’. This allows people to get all the benefits of a 12-week rehab programme, including developing therapeutic alliances with other service users, while still being able to return home to their families at night. At Stanfield House we also have kennels, which means that people can bring their dog. At Turning Point we believe that listening to our clients is the key to developing responsive services that provide what people need, at a price commissioners are willing to pay. With successful completions at 82 per cent last year, I feel like we’ve got this one right. A piece of feedback from a client at Smithfield comes to mind: ‘To each and every one of you from day staff to night staff. You made me feel like a person and not a problem and I always felt safe.’ To make a referral to any of Turning Point’s residential detox services call 0161 827 8570 or email [email protected], For our Leigh Bank residential rehab service call 0161 212 1435 or email [email protected] and for our residential rehab service at Stanfield House please ring 01900 65737 or email [email protected] February 2019 | drinkanddrugsnews | 19