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E E • Night Tide Fairy Figurine The figurine features gothic touches, dramatic purple and black wings, and a black dress with jeweled accents and matching jewelry. Polyresin and PVC. 7" x 6¾" x 9¼" high. 15269 $49.95 F F • Midnight Fairy Figurine Atop her jet-black unicorn, this graceful maiden takes a secret journey through deepest night. A stunning storybook statue that’s sure to star in your fantasy collection! Polyresin. 10" x 2½" x 8" high. 14570 $29.95 H H • Fairy and Unicorn Figurine A raven-haired fairy maiden and her unicorn companion share a moment of friendship; a storybook fantasy brought beautifully to life! Polyresin/ powderstone blend. 5¼" x 4" x 8¼" high. 12109 $39.95 G G • New! Magical Unicorn Mug This beautiful collector’s mug is the perfect gift for any lover of myth and legends. It has a stainless steel mug interior decorated with polyresin exterior that features the bust of white unicorns and a handle that’s sculpted to look like a unicorn’s mane. Polyresin and stainless steel. Hand wash only. 6" x 3½" x 4⅛" high. 10018045 $16.95 ▲ DECORATE WITH GOTHIC MYSTIQUE! I • New! Unicorn Wine Bottle Holder It’s a fact that unicorns love a good bottle of wine, and you’ll love having this mythical creature hold your next bottle for you. This bottle holder looks like a pure white unicorn laying on its back and holds a standard-size bottle of wine. Polyresin. Wine bottle not included. 13" x 6" x 7" high. 10018130 $19.95 Ready to hold a standard sized bottle of wine I These otherworldly décor accents will shimmer with mystical style on your shelf or desk. 21