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Land Matters “Land Matters” is a collection of paintings that is incredibly significant to me, not only in the subject that is represented, but how this series came about. As always, I gravitate towards people at work and am deeply touched when I get invited to observe those who are proud of the work they do so proficiently and without fanfare. This collection is particularly important to me and the reason is threefold: how it came about, what the work is and who the people are. The adventure started on a plein-air outing one day, with someone I look up to as an artist, a mentor, a friend , someone who is knowledgeable beyond belief, and for whom I have the greatest admiration and respect. As we were walking looking for the perfect spot to start painting, I noticed tags in various locations. Bill mentioned that the trees had been marked in preparation for the Heavy Horses’ arrival for Select Logging. My eyes must have popped out! My past experience working on a farm and being exposed to the “Heavy Horses”, watching them work, watching the interaction between horse and human, just came flashing back and I immediately started begging to be invited to witness the event. I was so excited to receive a phone call at 7 am one very cold morning, letting me know I had to be ready in half an hour. The adrenaline definitely started pumping and the excitement was just beginning. I could not have hoped for a better setting. As cold as it was, and having to continuously warm up my camera under my coat as it kept freezing up (part of the whole experience), I was like a kid in a candy store. Meeting Art, who was doing the logging, watching Bill with his dog by his side during the whole process, watching the interaction with the horses that are so diligently cared for and observing Art’s skilled operation of the vintage/modern machinery. I wasn’t sure what would come out of it, but I couldn’t stop taking pictures. I cannot be thankful enough to Art for being so welcoming and of course to Bill, whose brilliant mind, incredible talent and meaningful interaction with such a wide variety of people, continues to help me grow as an individual and an artist. “Land Matters” is in a way, a personal link between past and present. It ties memories from past experiences to the work I now do and the person and artist I have become.