Drag Illustrated Issue 182, May / June 2023 | Page 89

Race With Confidence !

Rely On ARP Fasteners To Provide Optimum Performance & Reliability

ARP head studs and bolts provide the clamping force you need to harness combustion pressure , while ARP main studs / bolts and rod bolts provide optimum bottomend security . Many other specially engineered fasteners assure maximum durability .
Beef up your driveline with specially designed ARP flywheel / flexplate and clutch / converter bolts for high RPM security . Ditto for ARP ’ s special ring gear bolts . ARP wheel studs are engineered to handle massive torque loads .
Assemble your chassis and suspension with ARP polished stainless steel or black oxide finished 8740 chrome moly bolts . They ’ re nominally rated at 180,000 psi tensile strength and fully 20 % stronger than common Grade 8 hardware .
Building a Chevy LS / LT , Ford Coyote or Chrysler Gen III Hemi engine ? Download ARP ’ s handy Product Guides to assist in your build . www . arp-bolts . com 800-826-3045
Download ARP ’ s new 2023 catalog for details on 5,000- plus fastener kits or request your free printed copy of this 180-page publication .