Drag Illustrated Issue 182, May / June 2023 | Page 50


thing when it comes to injuries like that ,” states Gladstone . “ Especially when you keep having to go and get your leg chopped off again – it ’ s like a gut punch every time .”
Gladstone , who has three event wins in NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle , continued to explain how important the mental aspect of Reed ’ s recovery is .
“ It ’ s about staying mentally strong and having stuff to keep you occupied . Us racing last year took his mind off things and got him through it ,” says Gladstone while sitting on his boat , fishing next to Reed .
Not only has Reed ’ s accident changed Gladstone ’ s perspective when climbing on the back of a bike , but Gladstone also reflects on his own incident that left him with four broken ribs , a bruised lung , a broken collarbone and shoulder blade , plus a concussion and severe road rash .
“ The last two accidents we ’ ve had have changed me quite a bit – it ’ s changed my view on things and has taken my risk assessment to a different level ,” Gladstone explains . “ Where I would take a chance or risk pushing something or racing other types of bikes , now I think twice about putting myself in danger . Having a family now , with my wife and daughter , has changed things and made me realize there are bigger things in life . There will always be a shot to do
it again if you need to give up on it because your gut tells you to .”
Gladstone and Reed can still be found side by side at the track , feeding off one another ’ s energy . Reed hopes his recovery schedule will allow him to return to competing on a Pro Stock Motorcycle
by the end of the 2023 season .
With Gladstone once again by his side , as they pause the interview to talk about navigating the boat , Reed says , “ I ’ m lucky that we have each other .” DI
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