Drag Illustrated Issue 182, May / June 2023 | Page 143

Brett Underwood , DI ’ s VP of Sales & Chief Development Officer , also worked with the WSOPM team to bring in sponsors and other marketing partners to the event , his first DI race since joining the team in late 2021 .
As an operations specialist at Bradenton , David Inouye maintained control on the starting line , working with racers , crew members , media , and VIPs to make sure everyone got the access they needed while staying out of the way .
As the COO of both Drag Illustrated and the WSOPM , Mike Carpenter handles a wide variety of responsibilities from the promotional and planning stages to the heat of race day . He was joined at the track by his wife , Lisa , and their children , Christian and Caroline .
A new member of the DI team , Kayla Zadel spent the weekend interviewing drivers and creating compelling content for the DI and WSOPM social media channels . Her husband , Kevin , was also a part of the festivities , helping out wherever needed .
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