Drag Illustrated Issue 177, July / August 2022 - Page 123

The Conqueror

How Ryan Herem vanquished a mental monster and reset his career • By Kelly Wade


Drag racing demands resilience . In a game where there can only be one winner , it is commonly accepted that there will be many more losses than victories at the final stripe . The ability to rebound from disappointment is one thing , but bouncing back after a tumultuous crash that leaves bruises and broken

bones is a completely different challenge .
Veteran Sportsman racer Ryan Herem experienced that challenge first-hand after wrecking his Super Gas Corvette roadster at the NHRA Arizona Nationals in February of 2020 . The Huntington Beach , California , resident was alert – for the most part – when he was transported to the hospital , and he realized fairly early the severity of his injuries . Understanding what he would
likely be dealing with , however , did not deter his intentions .
“ When I was in the hospital , I made it abundantly clear to everyone that this wasn ’ t how I was going to end my racing career ,” says Herem . “ Even if the doctor told me I was done , there was no way my last runs were going to be on fire and leaving the track in an ambulance .”
Just about 10 months after the crash and with
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