Drag Illustrated Issue 176, May / June 2022 - Page 53

Special Section
started , and we ’ re always cheering each other on . I also love that you get a chance to run quarter mile once in a while [ in NHRA ].
How exciting was it to see Tim get the championship last year and be a part of his success ? It was so exciting ! For him and his dad , who turned 80 , that year was a huge accomplishment in such a competitive class at the speeds that they go . Tim and his dad have been at this racing thing for 30-plus years , and his dad only comes to PDRA races anymore , so that was extra special for them to do it together , and for me to watch was amazing . No words can really describe it . So many great people pitched in , like Rickie Smith , Chad Hester , and Billy Albert . I just got to sit back and watch magic happen ! Then to have your competitors be so supportive of you and be just as happy for you as you are – words can ’ t explain the people of Elite Top Sportsman . Simply amazing .
mile , but I still like to go quarter mile as well . NHRA Division 3 Top Dragster is super-fast and competitive . With the engine that I have that I can bracket race or run Top Dragster with , I have to run a different division then my own when I want to run NHRA . I prefer to run PDRA because of the way they run the race – qualify on Friday , race Saturday , and then you have Sunday to drive home .
The sportsman classes in PDRA are so competitive . What does it mean
to you to have success on such a competitive platform ? To be so successful in Top Dragster is just mind blowing . I never in a million years thought I would ever race , let alone win a race . And two wins now in PDRA and NHRA is just unbelievable to me .
Could you ever see yourself joining Tim in Top Sportsman or are you set on dragsters ? It ’ s funny , I was never a dragster girl – I ’ ve always loved door cars . I
would like to give door cars a try , but it ’ s so much easier to run two different classes since we help each other and crew for each other at the races . We love doing this as a family , as Tim ’ s dad , Dick Molnar , always is with us at PDRA races .
What are your goals for this season and beyond ? Just continue to be a better racer . I have come a long way from where I started , and I just want to strive to continue to go rounds every race .
You ’ ve had success in eighth-mile PDRA competition as well as quarter-mile NHRA racing . Can you compare the two ? PDRA is so fun to watch and be a part of because the classes are so much faster , yet still so competitive . Most people like that PDRA is eighth
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