Drag Illustrated Issue 176, May / June 2022 - Page 42


to having an all-women [ winner ’ s ] stage at a national event this year and possibly multiple female pro world champs in 2022 .”
Stoffer went wild in Gainesville , taking the Pro Stock Motorcycle class to new levels on her Suzuki . She made the first run in the 6.60s in class history in the opening round of eliminations and then outdid herself a round later with an incredible run of 6.665 at 200.71 . It put the class record in an entirely new zip code , and Stoffer finished it off with her 11th victory . In all , she claimed four of the five quickest runs in class history , obliterating a record that had stood for three years .
“ As many years as I ’ ve been with NHRA , I ’ ve never been the first to anything ,” Stoffer says . “ I wasn ’ t the first female , I wasn ’ t the first to the sixes , or the first to go 200 mph , so it ’ s nice to know we were able cement something like that . I got to see Erica ’ s record on Sunday , too , and I thought it was just phenomenal .
“ We ’ ve been able to share winner ’ s circles together , and to set the national record at the same event is awesome ,” Stoffer continues . “ It ’ s such an interesting dynamic to have three females as record holders , and we ’ re all passionate about this sport , but in different ways . Erica grew up drag racing , and Brittany , her whole family races , and I developed a passion for this later in life , but what really stuck out to me is how passionate we all are .”
Force also holds the speed record of 338.17 in Top Fuel and has dominated at nearly every track , holding one end of the track record at half the current NHRA tracks . Force , who has three wins early in what appears to be a standout 2022 campaign , is also thrilled to be joined by two female competitors as NHRA record-holders at the same time .
“ Being grouped with [ Enders and Stoffer ], it ’ s exciting to have these records ,” Force offers . “ There ’ s a big shift of women coming up in the sport and to make this big move [ with three records ], I think it ’ s very impressive . It shows the value in the sport for females to compete and it ’ s continuing to grow . So , I think it ’ s huge just to be a part of that . You see a growth in the sport with females and it ’ s exciting to be a part of that .” DI
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