Drag Illustrated Issue 173, December 2021 - Page 47

Special Section
few more steps – and a lot of hard work – ahead of him . The team kept Steding ’ s previous car , a C7 Corvette , so Ethan would have a car ready when he aged out of Jr . Dragsters . The plan is for Ethan to run the rootsblown ‘ Vette with a mild tuneup in Top Sportsman when he ’ s old enough , then move into the screwblown , on-the-edge Pro Boost car once he ’ s had some seat time .
just stepped up . He wants it . He knows that he has to work hard and we ’ re not just going to hand him a Pro Mod .”
Moving forward into 2022 , Steding plans to continue building on the team ’ s success with another full run at the PDRA Pro Boost world championship . He and Tutterow are paired up as teammates again , but also as
the new presenting sponsors of the class through P2 Contracting and Tutterow ’ s Ty-Drive converter drive unit business . They ’ re committed to the class , the series , and the longterm growth of P2 Racing .
“ I think we ’ ve built something great , and I owe a lot to Todd for that ,” Steding says . “ We try to be as safe as possible , but you know he ’ s going
to stick a good tune in the car and I never have to worry about it . I ’ m proud to be his teammate . I don ’ t like when he beats me all the time , but there ’ s something about him on the tree – he ’ s hard to race . The whole team is just in sync , my team and his team put together . We ’ re all one team . I like making good runs and cutting good lights and I like making Todd proud , to be honest .”
Steding is adamant that Ethan will have to earn his opportunity in the big car . He ’ ll earn it through hard work at the family ’ s construction company , P2 Contracting . The fatherson duo has already spent lots of time working together after school and on weekends , joining the company ’ s crews at one of their 24 active job sites throughout the Pittsburgh area .
“ I asked if this is what he wants to do , and he said yeah , and man , did he prove it ,” Steding says . “ He ’ s just really good on the machine . He pays attention to what we ’ re doing . We don ’ t work all weekends , but we would catch up on weekends . His mother would drop him off after school , I would meet at a job site , and he and I would just go to town on machines . I have four kids , but I am really proud of that kid , how he
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