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VALVE 10AN Rollover Vent Valves JEGS Rollover Vent Valves are made from lightweight aluminum and designed with a one-way check valve that allows air to flow through the vent line under normal operating conditions , and in the event of a rollover , the valve closes off the vent line keeping fuel in the cell and not allowing it to spill over . These valves are available in internal and external mount applications and in AN sizes of -6 AN , -8 AN , and NEW -10 AN JEGS Exclusive . Rollover valves are mandatory for many sanctioned racing organizations for safety precautions . Please consult your rules book or safety crew .
JEGS 15379 Fuel Cell Rollover Vent Valve for a -10 AN connection will help prevent fuel spillover during a rollover . This external valve can be mounted almost anywhere up and out of the way for driver safety and is required in all sanctioned racing events .
Unleash Your Engine ’ s Full Potential with an Octane Boost Increase the octane level of your fuel with JEGS Octane Boost . Good for up to 20 gallons of fuel , this 32 oz . bottle pack a punch . Eliminate pinging , detonation , and pre-ignition while cleaning out your fuel system . This versatile additive is ideal to keep on hand when traveling with a high-performance engine .
The JEGS 72340 octane boost lets you increase the octane rating of your fuel . This bottle is for use with up to 20 gallons of fuel . Beyond the power increase , this additive will clean your fuel system , stabilize your fuel , and prevent moisture from building up in the fuel system . Features :
• Compatibility
• Fuel types :
• Gasoline
• Gasohol
• Ethanol
• Reformulated gasoline
• Induction types :
• Carbureted
• Port Injected
• Direct Injected
• Forced induction types :
• Supercharged
• Turbocharged
• Nitrous Oxide
Prevent Fuel Breakdown During Storage JEGS Fuel Stabilizer is a fully synthetic additive that will keep fuel fresh for over 3 years . This additive mixes with water in the fuel and eliminates it to prevent degradation . Offered in a 4 oz . bottle ; 1 oz . of stabilizer will treat up to 10 gallons of fuel . Don ’ t let your stored fuel go to waste .
Keep your stored fuel fresh with JEGS 72352 fuel stabilizer . This additive is a 100 % synthetic composition that attracts and eliminates water from your fuel . Providing protection for over 3 years , this 4 oz . bottle will treat up to 40 gallons . Ideal for eliminating ethanol fuel related problems . Features :
• Works on 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines
• By eliminating water this stabilizer maintains the fuel ’ s octane rating
• Ideal when storing fuel for longer than 1 month
• Will not cause issues if the mixture is overdosed
CREEPER Work on Your Vehicle in Comfort JEGS Creepers and Seats feature heavy-duty construction and comfortable ergonomic designs to prevent uncomfortable positions resulting in back pain and fatigue . These items let you focus on the project at hand , and with a mix of rolling and stationary options , JEGS has your every need covered .
The JEGS 81194 bodyboard creeper is a great piece of garage gear when working under your vehicle . The thick EVA foam construction eliminates the discomfort when working on gravel and uneven concrete . The built-in side pockets help to keep your tools where you can find them . On your next project , focus on the task at hand and not your body ’ s aches and pain . Features :
• Pocket Dimensions : 13 3 / 8 in . W x 2 3 / 8 in . W x 7 / 8 in . H
• Lightweight and easy to maneuver
• The shallow thickness allows for easy storage
TAILING CART Detail Your Ride Inside & Out Maintaining your vehicle allows you to give extra attention to every area of your ride , keeping it in pristine condition and preserving the value for generations . From tire shine to metal polish to interior and exterior waxes and polishes , soaps , cleaners , and degreasers , JEGS has everything you need to protect and revitalize your investment , inside , outside , and under the hood . The JEGS 81444 professional detailing cart makes adding a shine to your car easy . With three shelves you can store all of your cleaning and polishing supplies . The removable center section , red components ,
can be installed on all three shelves for custom storage solutions . Easily roll this cart around your shop on the non-marring casters . Keep your detailing supplies in one mobile location . Features :
• Dimensions : 36.25 in . H x 26 in . L x 19.25 in . W
• Capacity : 400 lbs .
• Casters :
• 4 in . OD
• PVC plastic construction
• ( 2 ) Locking
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