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Ctech manufacturing , an industry leader in the manufacturing of racing carts , cabinets and drawers , is making it even easier to build the perfect layout for your cabinets and drawers .

With their new and innovative online configurator , which was introduced earlier this year , users can design their ultimate layout from their computer . It can be everything from a single-cabinet build to a full-room layout , as the configurator offers an extreme level of detail .
It ’ s a massive technological advancement for the company , which has continually prided itself on being a step ahead of the competition . By introducing this state-of-the-art layout builder , CTECH has continued to do just that .
“ This is an industry first for a custom cabinet builder ,” says James Burgess , CTECH Director of Sales and Marketing . “ People are able to build from scratch and configure a cabinet or layout with their specific dimensions . This is what we pride ourselves on and something that has been in the works for many years . We ’ re incredibly proud of how this has turned out .”
It ’ s put the entire layout and configuration process in the user ’ s fingertips , allowing them in-depth capabilities to build out their cabinet project .
They are able to select a cabinet list , colors , a variety of options , doors and drawers , and then shape it into their own specific dimensions . There ’ s also informational tabs that offer comprehensive descriptions of the cabinet construction and features . In short , the configurator from CTECH offers a tremendous level of detail and unmatched customer experience , something that has set the company apart over the years .
This has been a dream project for the company in recent years and it finally came to light late last year with the release . After getting the initial kinks out and improving the user experience over a five-week period , CTECH had the official launch earlier this year .
It ’ s been a massive hit , as web traffic has more than doubled and improved the reach of the already-successful company .
“ We wanted to put the tools in the customer ’ s hands so they can just go on the website and build the cabinets and layout in their own time and in their own way ,” Burgess says .
Using parametric models and a parametric design , customers can make detailed adjustments on the length , width and height of the cabinets and their layout , offering an unparalleled online building experience .
CTECH will auto split cabinets into the most efficient shipping size , while the available options make for nearly endless building opportunities .
Once the layout is done , users can purchase their layout immediately , or they can work with a sales associate to iron out the final details . They can also use it as a quoting tool , building out their dream layout , saving the configuration and then working with CTECH to make it come to life . The company is also making continual updates to the configurator , focusing on details and added support to make it a seamless process for customers .
“ It ’ s improved our reach quite a bit . It ’ s been a great project and it ’ s made the user experience for our customers that much better ,” Burgess says . “ The interaction has been really good and we ’ re going to keep making continual improvements .” DI
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