Drag Illustrated Issue 169, June/July 2021 - Page 47

plywood and holding it up vertically and trying to race with that in front of you .
Is that why you rarely pull the parachutes ?
It ’ s funny , I hear these guys talk about ‘ I yanked the parachutes and the thing pulled me back . I have bruises on my chest from the parachutes .’ I ’ ve gone 185-186 mph and never even pulled the parachutes because when I let off the gas , it just noses over because it has so much air pushing on it already . People are like ‘ I think I need two ‘ chutes .’ Well , I don ’ t even think I need one .
At the last race , I had a spark plug wire burn up . I knew it didn ’ t make a good pass – it only went 4.16 but it went 186 – and I knew we were going to be in a rush , so I stopped it from 186 and I never pulled the parachute . I don ’ t think a car could do that . That thing just stops when you let off the gas . I ’ m not an aerodynamic engineer , but that tells me that thing is just pushing a lot of air .
Why does the Pro Street class appeal to you ?
I like the Pro Street class because that tire is the equalizer . You don ’ t need to have a million-dollar program to go out and be competitive . You have a good shot at winning the race because you can only put so much
power down on that tire . It becomes a tuner ’ s game . You have to tippy-toe off the starting line .
I respect all forms of racing – radial racing is badass – but you get on them glued tracks and you put it down , whoever has the most money and the biggest horsepower is going to win . The 10.5 tire equals everybody out . It makes it fair for the average guy or girl to get in there and be competitive ... even with a pickup truck . If I put it on radials , I ’ m sure it would be a lot faster , but I ’ d have to run Radial vs . the World and run 3.50s . Very few people can do that .
Do you see a lot of potential in the class ?
I really believe this Pro Street class is going to take off . Now that Pro 275 is getting super-fast , these 275 cars are going . 60s . Again , it ’ s going to turn into another Radial vs . the World class . It ’ s going to get too fast and everybody is going to come running to PDRA – I hope .
I see a lot of cars starting to come over . [ Jason ] Hoard is planning on switching over . A few other guys are in the process of switching over . Once Canada opens up , Nick Agostino and a couple other Canadian guys are going to come down . I would say by next year , it ’ s easily going to have 16 cars .
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