Drag Illustrated Issue 169, June/July 2021 - Page 24


I know the inner parts of how a dragstrip works . I know the math , know what it takes . We give ( tracks ) the money up front so there ’ s no fighting at the end . There ’ s no burden with our series . Our deal doesn ’ t work that way .
“ We give them a check when we walk in , they guarantee the purse and they keep everything else . That ’ s why we have tracks calling us all over the place .”
It ’ s part of what has made the Midwest-based series a success story and on track for seemingly long-term growth .
The series found a way to cater to Pro Mod racers living in the region who prefer all types of power adders , giving teams an opportunity to run with an organized , well-run group that promoted parity among the different combinations .
Top Sportsman and Top Dragster were added that next year , and Jr . Dragsters were included in the mix in 2020 . In the middle of last season , the MWDRS also added Top Alcohol Funny Car , working with Jim and Annie Whiteley of J & A Service to bring a big purse and an entirely new aspect to the series , which is broadcast on Bangshift and now MAV-TV as well . “ It ’ s amazing the racer following we ’ ve devel-
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