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■ Nearly two months ago FuelTech shocked the late-model Corvette world by cracking off 1,075 whp from its twin turbocharged C8 Corvette . Last month the team got on track and rushed into the 9-second barrier with an awesome 9.72 at 146 mph at Virginia Motorsports Park . But they were just getting started — last week Anderson Dick pushed the FuelTech C8 Corvette even further into the 9s with a best of 9.61 and 148 mph during a private track rental at South Georgia Motorsports Park . The 60-foot times are impressive with a best of 1.38 , thanks to leaving on nitrous and the sticky Mickey Thompson ET Street R drag radials , which are mounted on a pair of Belak wheels .
The main goal of the C8 Corvette is to develop EFI technologies while showing the versatility of the PowerFT line of engine management systems . The EFI setup on the FuelTech C8 Corvette features a custom jumper harness that allows a FT600 ECU to control fuel and timing in this twin turbocharged combination . The internal boost controller and power management options allow Anderson to custom program the power curve , which is a critical function in getting the vehicle to perform properly on the drag strip . The OEM powertrain control unit forces the team to modify the shift procedures , transmission pressure controls , and the clutch adjustments . The team made huge strides this outing with multiple 9-second runs and three jaunts into the 9.60s , but there is more work to be done .
The team also relies on the FT600 data logger to record factory sensors at a high sampling rate in addition to an assortment of FuelTech sensors . The Corvette employs two WB- O2 Nano meters that monitor the air / fuel ratio through Bosch LSU 4.2 sensors in the exhaust . Other sensors wired into the FT600 include backpressure canister , 0-150 psi pressure sensor to monitor the port fuel injection , two backpressure sensors for each turbocharger as well as turbocharger speed sensors . Anderson also added two FuelTech EGT-4 kits , which allows individual cylinder EGT monitoring for all eight cylinders , aiding in complete data collection and engine safety .
New for this track outing was the addition of a Nitrous Outlet laughing gas kit with the goal of getting the Corvette to run quicker 60-foot times . And if you ’ ve watched the video , it was mission accomplished as Anderson yanked the driver ’ s side front wheel off the ground at the drop of the green ! The FT600 includes a Pro Nitrous controller ,
allowing Anderson and his group to bring in the nitrous quickly and shut it off as the Garrett turbochargers start to reach peak boost at 21 psi . An Aeromotive fuel system supplies VP Racing Fuels M1 methanol to a second set of fuel injectors , all controlled by the FT600 , and can provide ample fuel volume for boost and nitrous usage .
If you are just checking in on the FuelTech C8 Corvette , a brief overview shows it has two Garrett G35-900 turbochargers mounted topside that provide plenty of boost to the fortified LT2 engine . Simplicity reigns in this engine compartment — the turbo kit doesn ’ t have an intercooler due to the use of methanol fuel to help cool the incoming air . Late Model Racecraft ’ s Steve Fereday , who was also on-hand to enjoy the barrage of 9-second runs at South Georgia Motorsports Park , inspired Anderson to build this turbo combination . The only drivetrain modifications has been the addition of a Dodson clutch and GForce Engineering rear axles .
In all , the team made 14 runs at South Georgia Motorsports Park as they develop strategies to get the best and most consistent performance from the complicated platform . They left the famed drag strip with a glove box full of 9-second time slips , including three in the 9.60 range .
From a mid-9 second late model Corvette to winning championships and setting records at all levels of motorsports , that is the reason you ’ re seeing # FuelTechEverywhere .


■ The new FiTech CAN Gauges ( Model #’ s 880828 , 880829 , & 880890 ) are a plug-n-play instrumentation solution for drivers utilizing FiTech ’ s electronic fuel injection and transmission controller systems . Monitor the speedometer , tachometer , or water temperature , quickly and conveniently by utilizing the existing FiTech sensors already setup on the vehicle .
The FiTech CAN Gauges feature through the dial white LED lighting with a lit pointer and match all existing AutoMeter Sport-Comp II gauges for seamless integration of non-CAN instruments to complete your entire dash . There is no need to run redundant sensors or gauge programming as everything is ready to go right out of the box to hookup to your existing FiTech systems .
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