DOZ Issue 52 February 2020 | Page 3

Editor’s Letter Dear Ladies, It is February already! Valentine’s Day is upon us, and love is in the air! As you are already probably aware, the shops are already displaying the valentine’s day goods, and everywhere you turn there are the red and white colours that characterise valentine. So, what special event do you have scheduled? You have probably already planned with your significant other to do something enjoyable. Good for you. But even if you have no significant other, that is no reason not to enjoy the day; arrange to go someplace nice or do something you’ve always wanted to do. As the day approaches my counsel to all women and especially those who are single is to practice self-love. And I don’t mean the sick type of self-love that makes you selfish and self- centered and numbs you to empathy and consideration for others. No, I mean the healthy kind of self-love that makes you love others and treat them right but not to your detriment. Loving yourself is such a powerful proposition because self-love has a way of removing from your life those who love things and use people and attracting to your life those who love people and use things. When you love yourself you are by no means desperate for a relationship or hungry for the company of a man; you are happy by yourself and what that does for you (and what it has done for me) is that it makes you selective of who you grant access into your life and you are not afraid to use the delete or block button in case you made a mistake. Self-love makes you set a standard for how you will be treated, and while people don’t have to agree with your guideline, they intuitively know that they will be shown the nearest exit the moment they fall short of this standard. Self-love means that you are not needy or hungry or thirsty for a man or men or anybody for that matter that you lower your requirement to allow them in your life. Self-love is the perfect filter, apply it to all relationships, let it determine who you allow into your inner circle and who 3 you grant access to your heart. Your heart is precious, and not every man is deserving. Do not cast your pearls before swine. There’s nothing like self- love, ladies. Therefore, this valentine season and beyond, let’s all activate self-love. This is DOZ Issue 52, February 2020. Our DOZ That Inspire You is, Angela Cudger. She has been styled the Queen of Wellness, and rightly too. Angela is a walking wealth of information and teaches women entrepreneurs a full circle approach to wellness that has allowed them to experience exponential growth in their businesses. Her interview will inspire you to embrace wellness and growth, personally and professionally. Amanda Bedzrah is our DOZ Show Preferred Guest. She is CEO of Empower A Woman, an organisation that was established for vulnerable women, women who have been through domestic violence and sexual abuse. Amanda Bedzrah empowers women one gift at a time. Be inspired by her interview and the fantastic work that she does. See you in March. Blessings! DOZ Magazine | February 2020