DOZ Issue 52 February 2020 | Page 13

things that we’re still going to talk about but I just really felt that I needed to be in a place worshiping, praising God and just really hearing God speak to me. While I was there, God started to speak about formally starting up an organisation, but I felt so inadequate, I was like, what do I know about running an organisation? I had always had a passion for helping women, and I had been doing so informally for so many years, but as the conference progressed, I started to get a sense of it’s time to do more than just informal help here and there, that I was really called to start up something that was going to bring change in the lives of women. But as I battled with fear, I still had that constant reminder of God starting to speak to me, and actually, it was right there in that conference that He gave me what I consider to be a mission statement and it’s like blueprint not just for the organisation but for the way that I lead my life and that’s what still drives me today. And so, I took out a pen and I wrote it down and it basically said, just because I can’t do everything doesn’t mean I won’t do anything. Even if I can only do something, I refuse to do nothing. And you know, that just brought me so much freedom because when I started thinking about an organisation, I thought, oh, I have to help lots of women to make it look worthwhile. But God was just like, it’s only about the one, Amanda, it’s only about the one. Even if you change one woman’s life, that’s something, that’s positive, that’s all I’m asking you to do — just one person. And so really, that’s how we started. I came back, just formalised it, set up a 13 non-profit organisation and the journey began. You’ve had two significant, and perhaps I should say life- changing experiences, one was losing your only brother, and the other was a sudden recollection of being abused as a child. Please share with us both experiences, how they impacted you and how you overcame. osing my only brother was lifechanging because it was the one thing that exposed me to heartbreak. It exposed me to a type of pain that even till now, I find hard to put into words. I was a young girl of only 11 years old, and my brother was literally my best friend. I had known him my whole life obviously as he was older than me and we did a lot of stuff together. At the time he died, my sisters – so there was my brother, and then L DOZ Magazine | February 2020