DOZ Issue 52 February 2020 | Page 10

that she promoted herself into the business of manufacturing hair products. Notice that when others promoted her, she was never promoted into an excellent position or a position of fortune. She never tasted wealth and prominence until she promoted herself. Nobody is going to give you your dream; you have to rise and take it. You will never be promoted into fame, you have to promote yourself into prominence. Great women realise this and so they do not wait for others to promote them; they promote themselves. 10. Great women understand that they are enough, and what they have is enough to set out in pursuit of their dreams. You may not have everything that you need but what you have is enough to step out in the quest of your dream. Whatever else you need will meet you on your way. So, if you wait until you have it all, you will never realise your dream. Rise and pursue the dream; you are enough as you are. 11. Great women know how to turn their pain to gain. Where others see pain, great women see opportunity. Madam C. J. Walker could not have been the only woman in her day to burn her scalp, but when she burnt her scalp, she saw beyond the pain of a burnt scalp to an opportunity to create a product that made her a fortune. 12. Great women act on their dreams. Too many people do not achieve their goals because all they do is talk about it. Madam Walker was probably not the only woman in her day with a dream to establish her own hair product manufacturing business but she saw her dream materialise because she pursued it; she took action. Talking about an idea produces no result. Acting on a dream, however, turns it from something in your heart to something tangible that you can touch with your hands. 13. Great women are not those who have had opportunities as much as they are those who have seen and seized opportunities. Great women are not those who have made no mistakes as much as they are those who have made their life count despite the errors. 14. Great women are an inspiration to other women. Their story sends across a simple but powerful message to other women. One that says, if I can, so can you. Madam C. J. Walker promoted herself from the daughter of a slave to a woman who built her own factory on her own ground in a nation where her father had once been a slave. You can do much more. Anything is possible for you. Preparing to Cleave by Eturuvie Erebor About the book On the 21 st of November 2002, while on a journey from Lagos to Port-Harcourt, God spoke to Eturuvie Erebor clearly about single women who desired to be married and were frustrated because marriage was not in view and they were getting older. He said to her; “You will break the yoke of marital delay that keeps women single against their desire. You will prepare women spiritually, emotion- ally, mentally, financially, physically and socially for a glorious marriage.” This vision gave birth to “Preparing to Cleave.” It began as a Bible study group in February 2004 and has evolved since then. This book was born out of that vision and multiple seminars held over a decade. It uncovers to the single woman the various causes of marital delay while equipping her with solutions, includ- ing prayer points, to end the delay. If you are a woman who is frustrated by what appears to be your inability to marry, this book is for you. It also includes a workbook with questions to help you gain a better understanding of your spouse-to-be during courtship, so, you are certain when you say, I do. DOZ Magazine | February 2020 10