DOZ Issue 13 November 2016

Issue 13 | November 2016 Leadership Lessons from the Proverbs 31 Woman Grace and Beauty The Best Natural Skin-Care During Cold Days T A H T Z DO U O Y E R I P S N I is Kuhlman of th n ry th a K e th called Hadassah f o i a m a L e She has been ik en d eet Pastor Ad ow she evolve h r generation. M e v o c is d d ation an e presence th d n Healing Found a h rc u h n fleeing c ough of the n e t e g from a woma t o n n a oman who c ce and her n e s re p of God, to a w is H w od. Learn ho e women of th e rv e s presence of G to r e ve equipped h ving, if not li h rt o w t o upbringing ha n is n. For her, “life her generatio ”. lived for others Love, Courtship and Marriage Release and Freedom HOME SWEET HOME Wait! Don’t Call the Plumber Just Now! Try These 5 DIY Hacks Your Body is a Temple Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) +more inside… DOZ Magazine | November 2016 | 1 «