Dorothy House Summer Newsletter 2022 - Page 9

Being green

Dorothy House ’ s purpose is to fulfil its charitable objectives and there is a growing understanding that making environmental and sustainability changes to the way we work will help us to achieve these .
The moral imperative for universal action on the climate and ecological crises is unequivocal . Antonio Gueterres , Secretary-General of the United Nations , describes it as “ code red ” for humanity and has said “ It ’ s now clear we are coming to a point of no return .”
The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is also very clear about the need for charities to act :
“ The climate emergency poses a risk to the communities that charities serve , which means that as a sector we all have a role to play in lessening its effects and minimising our environmental impact . The public have an expectation of charities to fulfil social good , so we need to think about how our choices can help us meet those expectations and , in many cases , further our charitable missions .”
So , there is growing pressure on charities to demonstrate that they are making a positive impact on society more generally . Sustainability and environmental considerations are increasingly important to all our stakeholders ; NHS commissioners and funders , staff and volunteers , supporters and patients , and ultimately could create a barrier to our care if not addressed : People who live sustainably will want to die sustainably .
Last autumn , a group of staff members took up this call to action and created the Green Team – a Dorothy House working group established to develop policy and best practice , and who also champion / communicate environmental change internally . Driven to think innovatively , the group meets monthly , considers and proposes how we can work in a more sustainable way across 8 key areas of the organisation : Energy , Waste , Transport , Water , Estate , Procurement , Investments and Information Management .
Green Team
A coalition of the willing , our aim is to have a representative from each Dorothy House department who brings passion and energy , and acts as an influencer for change within the Hospice . An increasing priority on our senior leaders ’ agenda , Green Team proposals are submitted to the Executive Team and Board of Trustees for review and approval . We are making tangible progress , as “ greener ” practice has already been achieved in several significant areas including pensions and investments . Future plans include : exploring greener travel options , wider recycling opportunities for the whole organisation and embedding a culture of green-thinking !
Dorothy House Newsletter Summer 2022 9