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A Hospice referral

That was easy

We cherish the positive feedback we regularly receive from our patients and their families , but something we hear too often is , ‘ I wish I had known about you earlier ’ or ‘ I wasn ’ t sure how to access your help ’.
As part of our 2020 Services Review , we have simplified our referral process to make accessing our services quick and easy . We want to be there for our community - ensuring all individuals with a life limiting diagnosis can reach the right specialist support at the right time .
In 2020 , we undertook a review of our services to ensure we are fully meeting the needs of our community . The key aims of our Services Review are :
• Care for more people
• Local care , closer to home
• Earlier support , through a person ’ s last 1,000 days
• Easy access for everyone with a life-limiting illness using a simple referral process
• Compassionate communities , developing partnerships and volunteering
From the point of diagnosis
We know that receiving a life-limiting diagnosis is such a difficult time for an individual and their loved ones . We can help . We support any adult in the Dorothy House area with a progressive life-limiting illness or with severe frailty . We also support their family ( including children ) and carers . And all our care is provided completely free of charge .
Dorothy House offers a huge breadth of services in our local community including physical , psychological and spiritual support . Our aim is to offer help from the point of diagnosis . It may be that initially all a patient and their family needs is to be signposted to relevant support . Care that is more regular may be required later , as their illness develops . The locally focussed Dorothy House care teams will assess the specific needs of each patient and their loves ones , creating a personalised care plan .
Who can refer ?
• A patient can refer themselves
• A patient can be referred by a member of their family or a friend
• A patient can be referred by health or social care professional , such as their GP
How to refer to Dorothy House
A phone referral can be made by ringing 0345 0130 555 . Our clinical coordination centre will take some details and refer the patient on to their local care team .
We also have new digital referral forms . These simple online forms are on our website . There are three versions depending on whether the form is completed by the patient ( self-referral ), a friend or family member or a health or social care professional . The completed form automatically goes through to our clinical coordination centre , who will refer the patient on to their local care team .
If you would like to know more about how we could support you , or one of your loved ones , please do get in contact with our team via 0345 0130 555 .
6 Dorothy House Newsletter Summer 2022