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The Dorothy House Podcast

Slide on your slippers ( ruby or otherwise !), grab a cuppa and make yourself comfortable because you ’ re in for a treat !
If you follow us on social , you ’ ve probably seen that in March we launched our very own podcast channel . We ’ re trialling this platform to connect some incredibly valuable messages and information through audio , to new and longstanding followers of the Hospice .
We ’ ve started this epic journey by exploring difficult conversations about death and dying , busting myths around hospice care , and shining a light on the services we provide and the people who provide them .
Here ’ s some highlights from our episodes :
Take action
Do you have a Will ? Is it up to date ? Do your loved ones know where to find it ? In February , we explored these questions and more as we sat down with Mogers Drewett , a local firm to our region , who helped to cut through jargon and gave listeners tips for getting their affairs in order . If you ’ re unsure where to start – look no further – just press play and you ’ re off !
Tickle your ears
Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of our Nurse Specialists is like ? Or a night shift in a patient ’ s home , as one of our Hospice at Home carers carefully watches over a loved one so the family can rest ? And what about Retail – what ’ s the oddest thing we ’ ve discovered in a black bag ? This series explores the behind the scenes of some of the roles at Dorothy House .
Teaser time
This month we ’ re showcasing an album that ’ s just landed ; written , produced and edited by our Therapies Team – join us for series of relaxation moments . Included are five shorter and four longer exercises , followed by a piece of instrumental music . We invite you to steal away a quiet moment to rest and relax , somewhere you won ’ t be disturbed and enjoy this special time to nurture yourself and breathe .
We ’ re dedicated to helping patients and their loved ones to receive the best end of life care . And we ’ re passionate about equipping professionals in our community to help deliver this in their roles . Through our series of podcasts , we ’ re able to provide information and education to support both of these aims .
Listen in on your preferred streaming service or navigate to http :// dhpodcast . podbean . com to view the whole library .
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