Donor Impact Report 2019 - Page 8

THE DIFFEREN n in 2019 This map of highlights progress we’ve made the Hazelden Betty Fo we are making, togeth Forging New Frontiers in Addiction Medicine Minnesota Launched multiyear research projects on: 1. Genetics and alcohol use disorder with Mayo Clinic 2. Risk factors and predictive analytics with the University of Minnesota Working Alongside Communities Nebraska/Kentucky/Ohio/Minnesota/ West Virginia/Georgia Provided training and consultation services to state, health care, treatment, and community organizations to help shape and strengthen recovery-oriented systems of care. Hel of C New Team Wor resou 5–7 up w Sesa Mup reco Reaching into Rural Areas Oklahoma Partnered with Oklahoma State University Medicine to expand access to treatment services and resources—especially in rural areas hit hard by the opioid crisis. Marshaling Addiction Ex Missouri CenterPointe Hospital system join than 350 health care organizatio part of our pioneering patient care clinical collaboration ensures qua more and more Americans every d — 3