Donor Impact Report 2019 - Page 4

THE DIFFEREN United in Purp Dear Friends, Thank you for all you have done to be a source o communities affected by addiction. Hazelden a a handful of caring and generous leaders came tradition has continued for more than 70 years press forward with its mission despite extraord In 2019, with input from donors, alumni and em plan that will guide the Foundation through 202 strategies was expanding our virtual treatment critical this initiative was to become. As COVID programs were halted because of shelter-in-pla and the support of donors, volunteers and boar treatment on our new virtual platform. Your support allows us to meet the complex an at every turn, including groundbreaking accomp advancement are generous and inspiring donor you’ll meet in this report. As the worldwide upheaval of the COVID-19 pa tomorrow will bring. But united in purpose, we c wisdom, strength and courage—one day at a ti Mark G. Mishek President and CEO Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation — 1