Donor Impact Report 2019 - Page 16

THE DIFFEREN With his compassi heard sto them. Sho whether t rank, stru Lake Sup The day Chip told Heide he needed help, she gave him the phone number for Hazelden Betty Ford’s youth center in Plymouth, Minnesota. He made arrangements for admission. Inpatient treatment was followed by three months at Hazelden Betty Ford’s sober living program in St. Paul, four months at a sober house, and then enrollment in a collegiate recovery program— all in all, more than a year of sober one-days-at-a-time. A FIRST LINE OF HELP When Heide told Chip’s long-time pediatrician about his death, the doctor’s response struck a nerve. “Her comment was, ‘It feels like we failed professionals.’” So many of the ph specialists Heide through the years or understand the substance use and mental health diso pediatricians, fam and other primary are in a vital positi only detect early w of addiction but to with the patient an parents, spouses members. In 2019, Heide fo way to honor Chip — 7