Donor Impact Report 2019 - Page 12

THE DIFFEREN PO Donor Feature 2 Shown here surrounded by their grandch sons-in-law, Jackie and Randy H. share t generously to the Betty Ford Center. The the availability of quality treatment serv years. Recognizing the warning signs, Jackie knew how to effectively intervene and where to turn for help and expertise. Both went to treatment at the Betty Ford Center as young adults, and both are in healthy recovery today, she reports. SOBRIETY-EMPOWERED LIVING These days, as Jackie and Randy celebrate their big family and count their abundant blessings, an overwhelming sense of gratitude guides their charitable giving. The couple’s transformational gift to the Betty Ford C ensure that the hig of care is readily a other families faci especially families to afford the full c services. As Jackie has witn care at the right ti family’s trajectory “I have seen sobrie people to fullness purpose,” Jackie s very day I met him my husband to be human being. Sob — 5