Donor Impact Report 2019 - Page 10

WHY WE GIVE A Grateful Fami Pays It Forward The generosity of Jackie and Randy secures expert care for more familie As a young mother in the 1980s, Jackie H. had a busy house filled with newborns to high-schoolers, an entrepreneurial husband who worked around the clock and a clear-eyed view of the impending threat alcoholism posed for her growing family. Jackie’s husband Randy, an internationally successful businessman and incredibly loving father, had a drinking problem. She could see that his alcohol use was causing uncharacteristically bad and progressively worse decision making. So Jackie quietly started a rainy day fund. She also learned everything she could about alcoholism, paying close attention to the fact that former First Lady Betty Ford—whose matter-of-fact outspokenness Jackie greatly admired—had recently opened a rehab center nearby in Rancho Mirage, California. Jackie would be ready to act when the opportunity to help Randy presented itself. Soon enough, that moment arrived. “On that particula and I had a disagre recounts. “He had and he left the hou the car. I followed When Randy start the driveway, I rea took the keys out He realized that th playing around any moment of clarity Jackie informed he he would be drivin the Betty Ford Ce morning. No excus all of the arrangem “I said, ‘Off you go paid for. They are Jackie shares. And that was that treatment, embrac never looked back SEEING THE SIG Jackie’s brand of t exactly popular at the exception of tw she received no su little understandin couple’s extended circle for taking th — 4