DK Surgery News April 2022 | Page 4


– Zimmer Biomet is one of the world ’ s most used implant systems .
Zimmer Biomet 3i is a simple , flexible and well-documented premium system for implant treatment – founded in 1987 by Periodontist Richard Lazarra in USA . A complete system designed for safety & security – and easy with color coding and click function . We have both classic straight and conical external hex implants .


Contemporary hybrid surface provided by complex multi-surface topography
Encode – Digital Impression System
GenTek – Digital solusions
Advantage :
• Soft tissue remains intact for final prosthesis
• No need to scan inplant platform
• Different shapes of the Encode healing abutment for best esthetic result
• Lowest ” impression coping ” in the market
Libraries for the GenTek™ restorative Zfx™ GenTek™ Pre-milled Abutment Blank Holder components are available for 3Shape software .