DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #7 April 2016 - Page 7

Now on it's third monthly episode Modular Podcast is in full force with episode 1 talking through highlights from NAMM 2016, episode 2 on envelopes (which should offer plenty to learn and check out) and now episode 3 on our highlights from Superbooth as me and Matthew Shaw from the show were there gathering lots of content. We're keen to keep developing the format and adapting to

feedback and the show has moved into featuring a "module of the month / most used module" from everyone on the show which is much like my "module of the month" here aiming to just share ideas and ways of using certain modules that appeal to whoever is talking about it before we move into the shows topic. In this third episode we had two guests alongside me Matthew and Greg, Patrick O'Brien who's got some stunning performance videos (check those out HERE) and Steve Richardson who's started a new synth t-shirt store featuring both DivKid and Modular Podcast T shirts amongst lots of other designs from modular companies. We're giving away a t-shirt on this show so click HERE to go watch the video and check out what you need to enter the giveaway. We'll be putting names into a hat at the end of the next show and announcing a winner on there.

An addition to the show are patch examples. This started with Matthew creating an audio example and modular grid "sketch a patch" screenshot to demonstrate his Random Envelopes patch discussed in episode 2. As episode 3 was about Superbooth the 5 of us in the episode decided to create patch examples for our "modules of the month". We've got Random Dual Melodies from the Turing Machine, Sequencer Manipulation with the Stillson Hammer mkII, Quadra patch modules, Serge Res EQ examples and Edges chord stabs. Click HERE to head to the video playlist to check them all out,