DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #7 April 2016 - Page 5

New company Feedback from Romania have just launched into the eurorack scene with 3 new modules. First up is the CP3PLUS which is a Moog CP3 based mixer circuit (most of you will know I LOVE the CP3's clipping for both audio and CV signals). It expands on current offers with 4 channels and a multiple on board. All the information is in this Muff Wiggler thread CLICK HERE. Not currently

mentioned as much (but certainly "out there" as the images are on Modular Grid and shown in the linked Muff Wiggler thread) is the smArTT module which is a CV controlling module with polarity control, level and offset along with multiple

outputs. Finally there's the 106 chorus, which is no doubt based on the Juno 106 chorus circuit. That features an input with level control, a switch for two different chorus types, bypass switch and a stereo output. The only problem I can see is the depth of the chorus module. It’s coming up a lot on the Muff Wiggler thread and it was reported that it won’t fit in a Doepfer case, which I’d say was one of the deeper ones people use now. Hopefully they’ll get a stacked board or SMT version so we can all get in on some Juno style chorus action!

With all the

Superbooth videos

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my lack of time

at the minute (as

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some other work

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good for lots of you)

I haven't made my weekly module videos lately but I do have the one video on the new Music Thing Modular Turing Machine and it's expanders. The Turing

Machine was already a really fun module but it's elevated with the new version with extra outputs on the pulses, new volts expander and the onboard step

selection previously from the Bytes expander (by Mystic Circuits).