DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #7 April 2016 | Page 12

You can find me in the usual places on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and mainly of course on my YouTube channel. Get in touch about anything, including submitting news to cover in the magazine, if you're an artist with new releases with modular you'd like to promote, if you want to be interviewed etc. I'm always up for meeting people and getting to know them and their ideas etc so feel free to get in touch.

That’s it, out of content, nothing to fill the last space with and no time to create / find new content and edit the spacing unfortunately. So enjoy a picture of me and Tony from Make Noise laughing by the River Spree outside the Funkhaus at

Superbooth. You can find a video of the great open/casual chat we had about modular by clicking HERE.

Maybe we should start a eurorack calendar?

I’m sure I’ll speak to some of you on various sites soon. See you next time.