DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #14 November 2016 - Page 8


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I opened the opportunity for readers of the magazine to contribute with reviews, thoughts, ideas, text, videos etc (anything really) and Dumbledog from Muff Wiggler has stepped up and put together something fantastic for us! This will be a multi-part article with part 1 here. The work below has (bar my introduction nothing to do with me). It's great to see people taking part and going above and beyond to put something this good together. I'm well chuffed! Enjoy.

The Melody Machine (Part 1)

Making Sequences… Without Sequencers

By dumbledog (https://dumbledog.bandcamp.com)

We’ve all been there. You have the modular patched with a wicked bass, or some dreamy, airy sound just begging to have some sort of sequence applied to it. And yet… you really aren’t sure exactly what melody you want. What are your options if you want to record some melody but don’t really know or care what? What if you’d like the sequence to slowly change by itself over time, while you’re busy screwing around with the filter?