DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #14 November 2016 - Page 6


random*source seem to be

churning through new modules

with plenty coming soon.

J├╝rgen Haible's phaser is

coming soon as well as a dual

wasp filter design. Demos and

information are on the Facebook

page HERE.

This is a "been and gone"

situation but they look fantastic!

BugBrand have released a batch of Synth Voices following on from releasing a batch of PT Delays a few weeks ago. Get yourself on the mailing list at bugbrand.co.uk to keep up to date.

Hot on the heels on the Varigate 8+ release Malekko have released / announced (coming soon I believe) the Voltage Block. IT's a sequencer come control hybrid that can create quantized or unquantized sequences with different quantize settings per channel (of which there's 8 each up to 16 steps), record modulation changes, tie sequences together and mute on the fly. There's also randomization features and preset save and recall. I imagine that and a Varigate 8 will give you a lot of mileage for performance and long studio sessions. Follow updates in the Muff Wiggler thread HERE.

MDLR Cases from the Netherlands

have expanded their range of cases

with a new 12U travel case. It's

104HP and features a detachable

middle ring that means the two 6U

sections can be left patched while

packed away and the ring also

serves as a stand to angle the top

two rows in use.