DivKid's Month Of Modular Issue #14 November 2016 - Page 18

So where do you see Abstract Data going next? FX, sequencing, drums maybe? Any

particular avenues you'd like do explore?

As far as new modules go - there’s currently a half dozen new designs working through prototyping - so that’s the next couple of years work sorted right there. The priority right now is to have a complete Abstract Data system that handles sound creation and modulation.

I am still committed to ADE-32 development, there’s some ideas for future firmware

upgrades that I really want to explore and I am seriously looking at expander development.

There’s currently no plans for sequencing or percussion - but there are some digital

synthesis and sound generation that I’d like to explore.there’s also loads going outside of product development, I’m looking to move out of the spare room and into dedicated work space and I’m also looking to bring some people into the

team. Small steps - but all things that will hopefully keep

Abstract Data growing.

Slightly off topic but you play guitar (as do I) so I wanted to

ask if you see guitar and Abstract Data crossing paths at any

point? Pedals maybe, or even just playing the guitar through

or alongside modular.

Yes, I’ve played guitar on and off for years and I’ve been

playing seriously again the last few years.

As far as using the guitar with my modular, in all honesty - I

see them as two totally different music projects. The music I

do with my modular leans heavily towards Techno and the

stuff I play on the guitar, these days, leans heavily towards

slow, soul and gospel-influenced Blues. There’s a few key

styles of music that I’ve been into for most of my life - but

they’ve always been part of their own thing.

As far as doing some non-modular, guitar-oriented designs -

then yes, that’s definitely something I’d like to pursue.

Thanks to Justin for talking to us. Check out his site www.abstractdata.biz and watch out for updates on his Twitter and Facebook.


That’s it for another issue of the magazine we’ve shared tears or joy and sadness, ideas

and all out stupidity on my part. What fun we’ve had! :)

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