Division of Research and Economic Development FY 17 Q2 Research News FY 17 Q 2 newsletter

FY 17 Q 2 From National Science Foundation Subawarding, Transferring or Contracting Out Part of an NSF Award (Subaward) Excluding the purchase of items such as commercially available materials and supplies, equipment or general support services allowable under the grant, no part of an NSF award may be subawarded, transferred, or contracted out to another organization without prior NSF authorization. The intent to enter into such arrangements should be disclosed in the proposal. If it becomes necessary to subaward, transfer or contract out part of an NSF award after a grant has been made, the grantee shall submit, at a minimum: a. a clear description of the work to be performed by each subrecipient; b. a separate budget for each subaward; and c. If funding is requested to support a postdoctoral researcher, and the original proposal did not include a mentoring plan, then the request must include the requisite mentoring plan as described in GPG Chapter II.C.2.j. The plan must be uploaded to the "Other Supplementary Documents" section of Fastlane. The PI must report on the mentoring activities provided to the individual (s) in annual and final project reports. The request must be signed and submitted by the AOR via use of NSF’s electronic systems, and NSF authorization will be indicated by an amendment to the grant signed by the Grants and Agreements Officer. The NSF grant terms and conditions will identify which articles flow-down to subrecipients. ( continue on page 3) Featured: 2 Faculty Highlight: Dr. Willie L. Thompson, II 4 NIH Regional Seminar Information 6 Funding Opportunities 10 P.E.A.R.L– Research at Morgan State’s Environmental & Aquatics Research Laboratory 15 IRB Application and Approval Process 16 Faculty Highlight: Dr. Michel Reece 18 FY 17 Funding Awards 1