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the summer of 2022 . A bipartisan study is to be conducted focusing on the potential health benefits , potential decriminalization and potential consequences of delta-8 , delta-9 and other THC products .
On a federal level , there is a racial disparity when it comes to marijuana arrest rates .
Morgan Fox , the national political director for NORML , said research shows people of color are most likely to be arrested for marijuana-related crimes , despite use rates .
“ There ’ s also been historical disparities in sentencing as well ,” he said . “... Beyond that we start to see when you combine those tow things , it ’ s just a compounding effect over years and decades that decimate entire communities and rob people the ability to create generational wealth .”
In April Indiana U . S . Senate candidate and mayor of Hammond Tom McDermott , brought the Indiana Democrats ’ Statewide Cannabis Tour to New Albany .
“ Let ’ s decriminalize marijuana federally and decriminalize marijuana in the state of Indiana and earmark that money for our schools , or for our veterans or for our health care issues . That ’ s what we should be doing ,” he said at the event .
In his political ads McDermott is seen lighting up a joint . Hammond is in Northwest Indiana and close to the border of Illinois , where marijuana is legal .
At the event in New Albany the candidate said Illinois made more profits of marijuana than alcohol since it became legalized . He said he believed Hoosier farmers would benefit from legalization , too .
“ Indiana is an agricultural state . Cannabis is a labor-intensive
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